Horror House - by Shunt
Horror House
- by Shunt - 3/5/2012 - 9:27:04 am Time: 36 mins 52 secs
v1- by Shunt - 3/5/2012 9:27:04 am
Time: 36 mins 52 secs
Shunt3/5/2012 9:27:25 am
Strange things have happened here
fatribz3/5/2012 4:39:23 pm
oh goodies! you better be story telling timering
Shunt3/5/2012 10:04:59 pm
Some couple received a letter which told they inherited a house in a remote village. They thought it was a joke but it wasn't. They had to het the key at a cleck's office. When they got there at an evening it was a full moon...
Shunt3/6/2012 7:43:00 am
In the hotel they were told about the hideous history of the house. Some people have gone there and never returned. A young girl drowned in the pond behind the house. Some man was found near the back door with the fear still on his face...

The couple still went to see the house. They opened the big front door and walked through the house. There was a very unpleasant atmosphere inside. They didn't know how long they spent inside the house, but suddenly dark clouds appeared. It started to rain. The woman was sure she heard something in the upper rooms, and when her husband went to take a look, he didn't return. She went looking for him and that's when she saw a big book on a table, with lit candles on both sides. The names of the drowned girl and the other vicim were written on the opened page, along with 10 other names. She turned the page and saw tomorrow's date, next to her and her husband's name
fatribz3/11/2012 1:18:34 pm