Morris - by Shunt
- by Shunt - 5/27/2012 - 5:16:40 am Time: 3 mins 44 secs
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Time: 3 mins 44 secs
Shunt5/27/2012 5:20:48 am
Phew... Yesterday we had to take our cat Morris to the vet, after seeing him with drool hanging from his nose.

Seems he had urinal constipation. Just a few hours ago the vet called and almost begged to come and get him, because he was extremely headstrong.
Morris is extremely calm now. Tomorrow we have to go back to have the treatment completed, but it'll be alright.
yanbu5/27/2012 3:40:49 pm
hope he is okay! i have a cat with a bowel problem, have to feed him a powdered laxative twice a day mixed in some wet food, or he can't poop. surprisingly it works, and he's a happy cat. i've had two cats that died from blockages in their urinal tract, glad to hear you cat is okay
Shunt5/27/2012 11:06:48 pm
This morning I have seen him drinking a few times, he has taken up his habits again. He's just at his best with his "mommy and daddy" around :)