Things I draw when being somewhat drunque - by Shunt
Things I draw when being somewhat drunque
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Shunt6/3/2012 2:23:11 pm
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fatribz6/4/2012 7:17:10 pm
can we do a beer trade? are there any legal issues??
i will send lots of short's beers
Shunt6/5/2012 1:35:35 am
I'd love to do a beer trade! I live right across the street from the Martens Brewery, I'd like to trade one of those! They have lots of export, so maybe you might know one of their brands...


Don't know how to send a beer safely though
yanbu6/5/2012 4:09:12 am
short's! loving the noble chaos and huma lupa
fatribz6/5/2012 7:49:29 pm
yanbu! gotta get some o' 'the curl' & 'kind ale'! 'ginger in the rye' is one ive only seen a single six pack of, but extra awesome. bloody beer. oh man i love shorts gonna hit up the kalkaska bike trip that shorts is sponsoring . ok now to read up on shunt's link in the other tab!
fatribz6/5/2012 7:51:28 pm
shunt, i think its safe to say ive never had a single one of those! so many missing pictures too, its gotta be true, very intriguing! i will have to figure out how to ship the best
Shunt6/6/2012 3:06:01 am
I think I'd best send a package with a regular Martens, a regular Sezoens, a Sezoens Quattro and a Karlsquell (cheap version of the Martens, for Aldi supermarkets, not on the picture)

fatribz6/9/2012 1:47:36 pm
Ah yes! Aldi, he have one of those in the area.. i remember my pops telling me they are a German store? is that right?
Shunt6/12/2012 11:53:47 pm
Yup, they're German. Founded in 1950 by brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht. Aldi stands for "Albrecht Discount".

In Austria and Slovenia they're called "Hofer"
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