it's not funny, Murphy - by Shunt
it's not funny, Murphy
- by Shunt - 10/29/2013 - 1:52:01 pm Time: 2 mins 44 secs
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Time: 2 mins 44 secs
Shunt10/29/2013 1:53:53 pm
Next friday: billard tournament @ local pub

Today: RSI in chest, shoulder, back
Tomorrow & next day: RSI causing tasks at work

fatribz10/29/2013 7:08:34 pm
best of luck!! snooker??
Shunt10/30/2013 8:39:28 am
Thanks! It's "golf billard", it's not a very well known variation of billard, but very popular in my area, North East of Flanders and South East of Holland

fatribz10/30/2013 12:28:13 pm
ohh, i didn't recognize that game on the rectangular table. i have only seen that on octagons.. my parents have a card table that has the rounder variety of "bumper pool" (as we call it / i know it) underneath.