For "Boyke" - by Shunt
For "Boyke"
- by Shunt - 1/9/2015 - 3:41:05 pm Time: 2 mins 35 secs
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Time: 2 mins 35 secs
Shunt1/9/2015 3:43:11 pm
last mondaynight my mother in law's dog ran away. From day one this cutie and I were best friends. Can't believe my buddy's just gone forever

I miss my little pal :'(
tthunderdan1/10/2015 7:19:31 am
my little pekinnees/chiauha mix(minnie) took off spooked by gun fire a few weeks ago,,,looked all over for her,,,next day took the dirtbike out running some fields across the road looking for her,,,found her less than a mile from the house trapped in some kind of small game trap...took her to vet ($250) very small fracture on her paw but she seems fine now...I never leave her out of my sight now...she is about 11 years old...it is one of the hardest things in life to lose a good pet...sad she got caught in trap but if she didn't, probably woudn't have found her...you just remember the good mr shunt looks like a nice dog...
tthunderdan1/10/2015 7:28:51 am

heres minnie, she cant jump that high anymore
tthunderdan1/10/2015 7:30:37 am
here is toni, she only lived about 2.5 years with us its been about 3 years since she past but still think of her daily...

Shunt1/10/2015 1:44:22 pm
I'm 44 but I cried my eyes out today, it's an incredible loss, no more 120 dB welcoming barking for about 15 minutes when visiting mother-in-law, no more begging eyes saying "please take me for a walk" and therefore no more walks to the woods, no more paws on my lap asking for a bit of food... I'll miss it all :(

I will remember the lovely moments I had with Boyke, it was the nicest dog
Shunt1/10/2015 1:46:54 pm
today mother in law called they found him, he drowned in a small pond a few houses down the street, it's horrible! Hope he hasn't suffered
tthunderdan1/10/2015 3:16:50 pm
So SAD for that...RIP Boyke...
Shunt1/11/2015 3:57:13 pm
thanks, i'm in deep grief here, unbelievable that a dog can be so influent, Boyke was one of the best friends I ever had, dog or human doesn't make a slight difference
fatribz1/12/2015 7:14:24 pm
i never had a dog :| the only thing i can relate to is my rabbit as a very young kid. one day i saw it in the neighbors yard with flies all around it. the dog next door nabbed it. i don't think it was supposed to be out in the first place, not sure what the story was. rabbits are nothing like dogs, though. take care, amigo. love