Exit! YAY! - by Shunt
Exit! YAY!
- by Shunt - 4/29/2015 - 1:32:25 am Time: 1 min 6 secs
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Shunt4/29/2015 1:34:16 am
For the regulars who have been responding to my drawings and comments and who know my situation: I have finally quit my job!

It's 24 years down the drain to be honest but there's room and motivation for new things!

Mixed emotions indeed but glad that I've finally made my decision!
yanbu4/29/2015 1:20:41 pm
that's so awesome!!! hurray for new things!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
yanbu4/29/2015 1:27:49 pm
and congrats!
Shunt4/29/2015 2:23:28 pm
Thanks! I used a certain rule which declared me "permanently unfit" for the job, that way I quit right away, get a unemployment compensation, almost a normal monthly wage, I can take payed courses to create more opportunities, I can take temporarily jobs or if things work out positive and something really great crosses my path I can start working for another company whenever I want!

I let things fall into place first and then I'll make the right choice!
Still I think it's a bit of a pity how it all went, this is also gonna take some time to digest this but it's no use to mourn over that...

Onward and upward dammit :)
fatribz5/19/2015 7:26:24 pm
cheers dude!
gerold blankface6/3/2015 1:15:28 pm
Aye... Ham sandwiches for all the land.