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fatribz8/4/2015 4:46:34 pm
Super Size me!
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yanbu8/4/2015 6:10:39 pm
yes!!!! hackytime!?!?
fatribz8/4/2015 7:15:52 pm
just changed the board id in the url, it opens your normal with more space, but the draw covers a lot of the controls.. still pretty neato! total hacky sackering!

p.s PC SUXX! https://youtu.be/aibZKrXc8Nk?t=217
Shunt8/4/2015 11:17:57 pm
so changing the ?bid=... is enough to do this?
Shunt8/4/2015 11:25:34 pm
Yanbu, some weird idea came to my mind!

What if it was possible to load a random picture into a sort of matrix, which devides it into numbered squares, members could choose a square (for example R2S10, row 2 square 10) and copy this using the applet or by uploading something they created with photoshop or any other editing software. When all squares are "done" it will create a very artful copy of the picture!

fatribz8/5/2015 9:42:09 am
shunt, what you say!
everyone draws a small portion of an uploaded photo? is that the idea?
Shunt8/5/2015 12:03:00 pm
Yes, everybody can choose one or more portion and make a personal, typical "copy" of it by drawing it, keeping it at the same ratio.
When the personal copies are put into some matrix it should create some awesome art!
ds8/5/2015 8:55:07 pm
Oh man fribz, Trixter worked on that demo -- dude is super good.

Shunt, you could always overlay a grid on a photo and put it on imgur or something and we could choose a square to do. Sounds like fun!
Shunt8/10/2015 4:38:55 am
How do I do this? When I try what I think I have to try, it "goesn't" :)
fatribz8/19/2015 5:14:01 pm
shunt, i think you change the url to have ?bid=3 and away you go!