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Shunt1/18/2016 1:05:11 am
ethermonkey1/20/2016 5:23:11 pm
That ineffable thing you do.. Still stunning after all these years.
fatribz1/21/2016 7:24:01 pm
whatchu mean, the monkey? i feel flattered.
we are expecting another kiddo. wooty hooyea! end of july. Alyssa Ada is a few months passed 3 years old now. She reads book to kids in the playroom. then turns into a monster and RAWRS. she is a lot of awesome energy. a little hard of hearing- hard headed heyogh! I am pumped. I really enjoy having my mind blown by my daughter.. i told her not to say "oh my God"... cause Lord's name in vain. So she says "Oh my goblins" which is greatness. Then she'll play with her lego treasure chest in a low voice and say "I present to you a great little treasure chest.... filled with gold coins and jewels.. to give to the giant (me)" i have no idea how what the hell but she is mini ribz and says stuff that blows my mind. tonight i'm sipping beers and getting ready for more work work work : ) v=BUoUGIXhfpQ
Shunt1/25/2016 12:56:34 pm
Oh congrats Fatzer, I hadn't read that info yet :)