just a test - by The Angry Flagman
just a test
- by The Angry Flagman - 3/20/2016 - 9:49:50 am Time: 3 mins 34 secs
v1 - by The Angry Flagman - 3/20/2016 9:49:50 am
Time: 48 secs
v2 - by The Angry Flagman - 3/20/2016 10:01:03 am
Time: 1 min 3 secs
The Angry Flagman3/20/2016 10:02:48 am
All I seem to do is move the whole picture around with the slide tool. It has something to do with mask used with slide.
v3 - by The Angry Flagman - 3/20/2016 10:04:36 am
Time: 1 min 43 secs
Shunt3/20/2016 10:09:11 am
Have a go with my last draw... Background has to move, square hasn't
yanbu3/22/2016 5:03:05 pm
haha, I love the draw angry flagman :) helloooooooooooooooooooo!

I combed the comments by doing a search for slide hack in the search comments box above here, and here are some of the collected infos from all of us:

draw. mask color wanting to slidehack. click "slide" and move drawr. click something else, ie beizer. hit "undo". done and done.

subtractive taco seasoning :)
i just selected the black outline of al's guy, the red shirt fill and the blue pants fill and slid those, then hit undo. i think your grid work was in red as well and that slid, but i could have made the red shirt one tiny shade different, filled that color and selected it for the mask which would not affect the gridwork. i think idwtwwr and others have uber slide skills i'm unaware of, it would be perfect to orchestrate a group chat to assemble a master tutorial. what if we all met at a certain GMT time in a chat to assemble all of our ideas? like tomorrow at 17:00 GMT (which is something like 7:00 pm in germany, and around noon EST in USA)
idwtwwr 2/6/2010 - 10:02:50 am
yup yanbu thats one of the two most advanced slides i know. copyslide 3 colors max.

the other i kinda explained vaguely.
1. take the red cross and mask it.
2. select the pen colour to be blue
3. slide button--> paint button --> Undo
4. red cross is partially doubled now and with the paint button still selected fill the red with blue.
now only the old base of the red cross gets filled with blue.

:D its so simple :) (hasnt someone uploaded a tutorial somewhere?) anyhow

1. draw stuff 2. normalmask the colors of the stuff you wanna slidecopy 3. slide 4. hit a different linetool ( ~ O [] ) than the one currently activated 5. hit undo. OR

1. draw stuff 2. reversemask the colors of the stuff you dont wanna slidecopy 3. slide 4. hit a different linetool than the one currently activated 5. hit undo

thats the basics, i havent really figured out what happens after that, all this maskslidestuff makes using masks afterwards awkwards, maybe master fresh has some insights he wants to share. :)
fatribz 7/29/2006 - 8:19:25 am
draw something
turn on a mask color.
click the mask color once
then click undo.

thats my route and i haven't notice the masks getting jacked the last handful of attempts, but they have all been reverse masking the background color and not individual colors in the draw, so i dunno! slack draws are fun, though!