The New Guy - by The Angry Flagman
The New Guy
- by The Angry Flagman - 4/20/2016 - 3:42:53 pm Time: 3 mins 21 secs
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Time: 3 mins 21 secs
The Angry Flagman4/20/2016 3:46:37 pm
New guy on the job. I hear his name all the time. I get blamed for things due to him.... Howcome He gets to drive the new truck, Howcome He gets to use the new loader, Howcome he gets to do that job, Howcome He doesn't have to drive for the sewer plant? Howcome He needs to go......
Shunt4/20/2016 11:34:47 pm
I recognize all things you mention.

At my last job there was also someone called Howcome He and someone called Whyduzhee Gettoo.

I think they had a secret love together.

I don't know about your workplace but there it was caused by brown nosing.
tthunderdan4/21/2016 2:34:16 am
...work sucks, I'm about done with it...
The Angry Flagman4/21/2016 6:18:48 pm
Brown nosing and fanny patting seem to be a sport where I work. When I worked security there was a guy named Someone Musthave. He cased me more problems. 10 more years and I can say goodbye to Howcome He and all his brethren. State retirement.
Shunt4/22/2016 2:16:25 am
Brown Nosing and the accompanying lies and false accusations, ignorant behaviour and more upfuckery has given me a burn-out after summer of 2014.

Some guy from health care helped me out, he tought me a way to leave that shit factory in a very quick and decent way.

No bounty for 25 years of service (24 yrs, 4 mnths) but also no more fuckery, no more being accused for having one ass hair too many or for breathing in when I should have breathed out and other rediculousness. I left the job, the hateful boss and his loverboys. I never felt so freed as I did when I walked out after signing the last documents. I took some months off to reload my batteries and I started a course to become a pedagogue. Two and a half years of learning (which is VERY amusing and interesting and satisfying) I'll have a fantastic job.

I won. Thanks everyone for bullying me out!
Yeah :)
tthunderdan4/22/2016 3:27:04 pm
I had a job for about 6 years...similar situation, the boss and his buddies made sport of trying to trip me up, every chance they could. Near the end they transfered him out..I felt so odd, like I didnt belong there at all, it wasn t to longer after I left and went truckin again...ah, live en learn rite?