Kast - by Shunt
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v1 - by Shunt - 7/20/2016 11:03:07 pm
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Shunt7/20/2016 11:04:26 pm
Bought a chest...

Does anyone know? One of these days I'll install my "new" computer which I bought almost a year ago already; it has Win 8 - will I still be able to draw??
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Shunt7/21/2016 5:10:10 am
Been so enthousiastic I tidyed up the y
Shunt7/21/2016 5:10:46 am
Tidied. Fck I need to check that. What happened to my English?
Shunt7/21/2016 7:54:06 am
My brother and I got ot from the people selling it. I installed it. Looked at it. Love it.
I have filled it with loads of things, still unorganized but that's ok because the rest of the room is tidy now.
Must get me some neat small boxes to sort everything out and make the inside of the "kast" look tidy too.

probably completely uninteresting ha ha hahaha
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gerold blankface8/19/2016 8:35:32 am
I have a similar standing cabinet. I use the cardboard parts boxes from home depot (the ones that hold the small copper plumbing and electrical parts). When I walked up and down those aisles, i grabbed the empty ones. they let me have them because they throw them away anyway. they are perfect. open on the top and the front is slightly lower. they are the perfect depth.