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Time: 55 secs
Shunt9/30/2016 11:11:34 am
I've set up a new idea!

I want to make a cover version of
"Everybody's got to learn sometime" by The Korgis (1980)

If anyone wants to join in, record a PART* of this song, preferably film it, send the sound file to jormeidt@hotmail.com

* Keep it 1 part at a time. Only vocals, only synths, bassline only, guitar part only, ... choice is yours. Keep the original key and tempo please.

I'll compile it to the total song.
I've got some loops already, some people from Holland are willing to join in.

It'd be a blast if people from all over the globe would cooperate!

Thankz in advance!
yanbu10/3/2016 7:15:34 am
I love that the singer looks like a high school science teacher. send me something and I will add!
Shunt10/3/2016 9:12:39 am
Ermmm... People who want to cooperate have to send me their part, when I have the necessary parts I will compile them to build the whole song :)
yanbu10/3/2016 12:17:59 pm
we will probably need a BPM then, any ideas?
Shunt10/4/2016 10:04:44 am
77 bpm
fatribz11/2/2016 9:02:51 pm