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- by The Angry Flagman - 1/20/2018 - 2:17:32 pm Time: 12 mins 47 secs
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Time: 12 mins 47 secs
Rene Gonzales1/22/2018 8:02:08 am
Hold on Mr. Flagman. I just read that you have to run linux in order to draw here. I am able to draw on Windows 8.1. I had to change some settings on Java. I would love to help figure this out.
The Angry Flagman1/22/2018 3:51:38 pm
I ended up with windows 10 installed on my laptop one night while I slept. What I have to do is put my Linux Mint 17 disc in the drive and restart my computer. It will run a demo of Linux on restart. I can use Fire Fox on the demo to draw. It takes about 20-40 minutes to set up each time. I thought of installing Linux but I like listening to music and Linux doesn't playback music all that well. I also have a bunch of games on Steam that are windows based and wont run on Linux. To make matters worse now that "Net neutrality" got repealed, Spectrum has slowed my internet down a bit. I think Microsoft and Spectrum are I cahoots.