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- by tthunderdan - 1/17/2005 - 3:43:05 am
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tthunderdan1/17/2005 3:44:55 am
RAISE TIME!!! YIPPIE!!! I can't decide what color the new BMW will be...tough choices indeed!
kix1/17/2005 4:34:13 am
ad1/17/2005 6:51:59 am
your boss looks like a prick...no really, his head looks like a penis. and I LOVE YOUR DRAWRINGS
tthunderdan1/17/2005 8:14:13 am
actually the boss is a woman (look at her shoulder) I should have made it clearer, and sure she is a prick, but strangely enuf, she's about the only one I get along with at work...I am such a SUCKASS! HA! thanks for the compliment!
Anubix1/17/2005 9:03:40 am
so wait, you are the guy in the forground? thats great
kix1/17/2005 10:48:50 am
homework for anubix:
watch all the tthunderdan pics. its worthy
tthunderdan1/17/2005 10:59:04 am
ahhh...now I get it, so it is my head that looks like a penis...subliminal..draw a penis' with no bitchin'