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- by Al - 1/27/2005 - 4:36:40 pm
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AL1/27/2005 4:40:28 pm
People are always staring at me.. and i dont know why! I just went to the store and I couldnt take it anymore.. so I hid underneath an aisle until the place closed and then i left.. so, im driving home and this guy, i think it was, he was staring at me too and i freaked out totally and did a U-turn into a lake and then i asked a fish if he'd mined turning around and not look at me too
guess who1/27/2005 10:22:56 pm
ignore them...to react to them gives them purpose...but maybe that is what you want to do...and fish always stare...
Turkey1/28/2005 4:27:21 am
The worst is when not only are they staring but decide they talk to you too!!!
ad1/28/2005 4:37:37 am
so lucky!
SkinnyRicky2/7/2005 4:41:05 pm