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- by gerold blankface - 2/15/2005 - 12:55:29 pm
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Gerold Blankface2/15/2005 12:56:18 pm
Ahh yes... Counterstrike... I wish I could get those hours back...
owl time2/15/2005 1:00:59 pm
half life sadly stole a few years worth of my life. no really. so much time. so many hours
mf2/16/2005 3:46:10 am
damn CS! i wanted to see what the hax fuss was all about, so i gots me some aimbots & wallhax...now im banned for 1 year (almost up i think) i miss this game
AL2/16/2005 2:20:46 pm
Now why would you get an aimbot? Thats just wrong.
Anubix2/17/2005 6:47:26 am
Aimboters go to hell, its a cardenal sin of CS, if you play, play the NC cubed server, im on there alot, my tag, as you can guess, is Anubix
mf2/17/2005 4:42:17 pm
bah, like none of yous werent curious when you first started playin.
mf2/17/2005 4:43:23 pm
and im hurt that you'd tell me to go to hell, anubix...
Anubix2/18/2005 5:57:23 am
im not saying you should minty, im just saying that thats how God punishes aimboters,and we have all been tempted by the 'dark' side every now and then, oh the power, the power.
mf2/18/2005 10:22:42 am
HA, ok. curse that dark side. well, i should be able to play again real soon. for the time being, i just keep playing ricochet. if ya ever happen to chance into ricochet, look for "minty fresh". hells yea!