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- by gerold blankface - 2/26/2005 - 4:15:45 am
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Gerold Blankface2/26/2005 4:16:06 am
counterstrike keeps invading my dreams
pompous percival2/26/2005 8:46:31 am
i feel for you, literally

i had a dream where i was walking down a hall counterstrike style, killed a hostage, and tried to drag them into a small building from warcraft three to defend myself
Anubix2/26/2005 9:16:40 am
dreams are ok, its really bad when you are walking around town and start thinking, damn i wish i had a sig right now, i could pick that mother off across the way no prob.
starseed7/16/2017 8:58:56 pm
Yes. We do report in when we sleep ;)