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- by Al - 3/31/2005 - 3:13:58 pm
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Al3/31/2005 3:15:05 pm
Today at work I cleaned someones glasses in the Ultra-Sonic and when I pulled them out a bunch of green slime and nose hairs were falling off the pads and thats how my day started. But Im ok now.
PaPaPhreaky4/1/2005 11:30:29 am
Douse them in acetone and run away!
Gerold Blankface4/1/2005 2:00:55 pm
better play it safe.... burn the whole building down
Al4/1/2005 6:35:19 pm
Thanks, I tracked down the patient and doused them down with acetone and set the building on fire. Im currently typing this from prison. Hope your all happy now.