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- by poopmustache - 4/1/2005 - 11:42:58 am
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poopmustache4/1/2005 11:43:58 am
And I'm wearing your red sweats....
wow4/1/2005 12:00:21 pm
i like the fake 'home page' link. where are you from, poopmustache?
poopmustache4/1/2005 12:42:32 pm
I'm from kansas
The angry flagman4/1/2005 2:06:33 pm
Well thats ok, I still have my orange saftey vest and a jar of dill pickles. ( yes it was a strawberry newton)
Anubix4/1/2005 7:23:06 pm
i'm from kansas city
tim4/2/2005 6:44:22 am
i'm from minneapolis