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- by andy b - 4/19/2005 - 5:29:10 pm
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andy b4/19/2005 5:29:20 pm

andy b4/19/2005 5:50:52 pm
aargh! i actually just clicked on the 10eastern logo, what the hell is going on with that cat? i can't sleep!
yanbu4/20/2005 12:58:35 am
i was hoping someone would find that. it's my cat named arthur - http://www.10eastern.com/arthur.html

i have 5 cats and the other four are normal size, one really small. i don't know why arthur is so giant
le tristes4/20/2005 5:47:47 am
all my friend allready have seen your cat allready...its sooo garfieldish :)
lm4/21/2005 4:39:35 am
haha! so human-like