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- by shovelhead - 4/24/2005 - 2:24:52 am
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shovelhead4/24/2005 2:26:11 am
hey flagman... you forgot one
The angry flagman4/24/2005 2:41:03 am
Let Jack get it.
tthunderdan4/24/2005 2:56:09 am
but you get to work with the good-looking flag girls, there are some I see...
The angry flagman4/24/2005 3:26:07 am
We dont have any laddies in our department, we are all a bunch of animals. ( Foreman says were a bunch of pirates and clowns). most of the women in this area are built like brick shit houses and scare the dump trucks.
shovelhead4/24/2005 3:05:37 pm
thats why he's a flagman.... he can't tell the difference between the laddies and the ladies.
tthunderdan4/24/2005 5:37:55 pm
...you got him there...he left himself wide open for that one...