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tthunderdan4/24/2005 6:24:35 pm
elK4/24/2005 6:27:41 pm
le tristes4/25/2005 4:36:02 am
papa ratzi
k!)4/25/2005 4:41:50 am
anybody else think that the new pope looks like some nazi-phyisician right out of a ww2 movie? no? oh well, ok.
Al4/25/2005 5:09:02 am
Aren't catholics so open minded towards the rest of the world?
tthunderdan4/25/2005 5:34:55 am
...he does look like a mean sombitch for sure...
le tristes4/25/2005 10:18:46 am
well he looks as he has some secrets...and as far as I know he dislikes every other combination of people than the heterosexual....he's a hardliner....
tthunderdan4/25/2005 3:06:30 pm
...the liberals might view him as an obstacle in their quest to destroy traditional family ways...and more...