Untitled - by elK
- by elK - 4/25/2005 - 6:38:41 pm
v1- by elK - 4/25/2005 6:38:41 pm
elK4/25/2005 6:39:00 pm
"something real" by elK
fatribz4/25/2005 6:40:51 pm
omg... im done drawing for ever. bravo!
Al4/26/2005 1:50:36 am
Me too! I quit!!
Gerold Blankface4/26/2005 3:03:56 am
Damn nice !
very cool technique... very 'not computer' looking.
mrae4/26/2005 5:32:25 am
mic4/26/2005 9:22:12 am
perfection, frightening
is there a story?
mf4/26/2005 10:57:50 am
mrtick4/26/2005 7:22:56 pm
hmm is that someone i know?
mrtick4/26/2005 7:23:31 pm
i looove it
elK4/28/2005 11:05:13 am
yerr all so sweet! theres no story behind this. i was just looking outside my window. uhh...and mrtick, its not who you think it is! or is it?? but seriously, thanks...
mic4/28/2005 8:57:20 pm
was this outside your window? thats scary, there must be a story.
happy people have no stories.