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- by tim - 4/27/2005 - 10:28:20 pm
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tim4/27/2005 10:28:48 pm
bored, tired, goodnight.
tim4/28/2005 6:13:29 am
tthunderdan in the 80's?
tthunderdan4/28/2005 4:32:18 pm
oh yeeaahh work it baby!!!
bill4/28/2005 11:54:55 pm
tthunderdan4/29/2005 7:35:18 am
but no one is to remember me from way back then, at least that is what they told me in the 'program'
tim4/29/2005 8:37:40 am
James Caan starred in the hit 1993 film 'the program'
tthunderdan5/1/2005 3:19:48 pm
...and my daughter went to a yard sale today, brought home a paperback book, 'The Program'...
tim5/2/2005 2:52:34 am
elton john put it best 'its the circle of life'