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Shunt4/30/2005 5:08:37 am
Be?Jlzy was officially the 5th Teletubby. In the beginning, during the recording sessions, he disturbed all work by scribbling '666' on the walls and props, and by walking around with raised fists, with indexfinger and little finger stuck out, and burning decorations.
That's why he got kicked out. Poor Be?Jlzy only wanted to play the bad guy so kids could learn good from evil!
Shunt4/30/2005 5:09:57 am
Be?Jlzy is supposed to have a ?? on the second e...
Shunt4/30/2005 5:10:33 am
aaarghl never mind, it's Beelzy with two dots on the second E
mf4/30/2005 6:26:12 pm
k1dd05/2/2005 6:11:28 am
haha :) nah that letter dont even exist in german, we only have o a and u with dots...or do you call all letters with dots over them umlaut? thatd be kinda cool.