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- by Shunt - 5/2/2005 - 9:42:28 pm
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Shunt5/2/2005 9:44:46 pm
Flying Things #5
Partly on Blankface's request, partly 'cos I like drawing them ;)
The clock is based upon my own clock in my living room (about 29 inch wide!)
Gerold Blankface5/3/2005 2:38:28 am
Haha Thanx ! Excellent! Was that actual time?
Shunt5/3/2005 2:45:07 am
No it wasn't. I think most people put the same time when drawing a clock, like 3'o clock or so, I wanted something else :)
k1dd05/3/2005 5:41:18 am
and i thought it was 2 oclock. like all the clocks in brochures and magazines. i heard its because it resembles a smiling face :) apparently smiling faces sell better.
k1dd05/3/2005 6:51:46 am
er thats 1:50 of course...
mf5/3/2005 9:34:18 am
personally, i prefer drawing the time somewhere between 7:37 and 8:14
mrae5/3/2005 11:54:57 am
4:20 is always my favorite time :)