Untitled - by pompous percival
- by pompous percival - 5/4/2005 - 2:33:42 pm
v1- by pompous percival - 5/4/2005 2:33:42 pm
pompous percival5/4/2005 2:34:33 pm
draw pt. deux by pompous percival

Anubix5/4/2005 3:04:06 pm
you drew emma?
yanbu5/4/2005 5:55:45 pm
no one should be afraid to submit a drawring! the emma bag is pretty funny though
yanbu5/4/2005 5:57:17 pm
is it hot in here? should i open a window?
yanbu5/4/2005 6:00:17 pm
anyone need anything to drink? uh
pompous percival5/5/2005 8:10:32 am
haha it wasnt a death threat.. trying to say that some people submit drawings like theyve got a gun to their head
Karen5/5/2005 8:28:48 am
Haha! I can see how it got a bit confusing.
Gerold Blankface5/5/2005 8:32:29 am
wait...so noone has a gun to my head?
I can be free?
eh, who am I kidding... I'd rather be here anyway.. in a bag or not.
kix5/5/2005 8:56:41 am
lol how romantic