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Shunt5/15/2005 10:30:03 am
The Martens-Brewery right across the street
The angry flagman5/15/2005 12:25:57 pm
I was sitting at the asphalt plant the other day and looking up at all the silos thinking " man, these would make a cool drawing" ya beat me to it....isnt industrial cool in its own way? Paper mills are cool, lots of neat silos and smoke stacks.
The angry flagman5/15/2005 12:30:15 pm
Ill bet it looks cool at night all lit up.
Shunt5/15/2005 10:06:21 pm
The silos don't get lit up at night, and in fact they have a green shade on them because oh the weather influences. I drew these silos by heart, but as I look at the picture I made a while ago, I see it's a little different...

Check the pic here:
The angry flagman5/15/2005 11:02:59 pm
They still look cool, You should check out your local paper mills and stone quarry, They have so many great photo opportunities.
mic5/17/2005 9:31:55 am
nice, nice