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- by bill - 5/25/2005 - 11:10:48 am
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bill5/25/2005 11:15:19 am
this picture was inspired by an old found photos picture but i did it for reasons that i'm sure were probably opposite the photographer. i think our troops are getting the raw end of the deal!
fighting a battle that the iraq's should have started not us!
when america didn't like being controlled by a dictator we rebelled and we won!
which is what they should have done not us!
bill5/25/2005 11:16:31 am
i'm sorry that picture rattled me a little!
i have friends who are over there!
Al5/25/2005 2:34:46 pm
War is hell.
elK5/25/2005 10:13:46 pm
Hell is war.