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- by bill - 5/25/2005 - 11:25:04 am
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bill5/25/2005 11:25:50 am
man i have really been junkin out on radiohead lately! i just can't get enough of them!
Al5/25/2005 2:10:13 pm
Ive been junking out on Pablo Cruise lately.
elK5/25/2005 10:12:42 pm
...and i, BLOC PARTY.
kx5/26/2005 1:33:53 am
me too!bloc party is great!try biffy clyro
Anubix5/26/2005 7:02:48 am
There are only so many years one can listen to radiohead none stop, I just got a big hunk of music, 19gigs, from my school station, Bloc Party is good, check out Pete Rock, RJD2, and Becks new album, they are great
bill5/26/2005 11:29:08 am
ohh yeah beck new one is really good!
Al5/26/2005 4:38:01 pm
Here are my favorite bands - LSDudes, Fantomas, and Wham!