Untitled - by N-Jin
- by N-Jin - 5/29/2005 - 5:11:31 am
v1- by N-Jin - 5/29/2005 5:11:31 am
N-Jin5/29/2005 5:11:56 am
rotten flesh
101115/29/2005 6:01:56 am
cool sorta in the vein of dan seagrave
N-Jin5/29/2005 6:12:32 am
yes, seagrave was my inspiration for this. he has got the best style of all.
kx5/29/2005 8:12:56 am
yeah really cool stuff
mf5/29/2005 2:37:36 pm
seagrave yeah! i used to look at his paintings for hours! especially Suffocation's "effigy of the forgotten"