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- by fatribz - 6/2/2005 - 3:52:38 pm
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fatribz6/2/2005 3:53:21 pm
is anyone going to see kraftwerk this summer?
detroit early june for me!!
yanbu6/2/2005 4:54:15 pm
a bunch of my friends are going to see them in a few days, I think in detroit??? maybe chicago
kix6/3/2005 12:03:06 am
oh you are really fans? hope i see them in germany this summer!!
kix6/3/2005 12:03:24 am
great sweet picture btw
mf6/3/2005 3:32:28 am
i hope to god tickets are still available! i couldnt go to the chicago show cause of a wedding i had to work. but there was a death in the family, so the wedding is canceled! yay for me! sad for them.
fatribz6/3/2005 7:11:11 am
good luck ohmbro, turns out the show in detroit is tommorow!!@# WHOAA!