Untitled - by tthunderdan
- by tthunderdan - 6/4/2005 - 4:10:37 pm
v1- by tthunderdan - 6/4/2005 4:10:37 pm
tthunderdan6/4/2005 4:10:48 pm
tim6/4/2005 4:11:42 pm
tthunderdan's attention to detail is so suttle and awesome... I love your drawrings dude
tthunderdan6/4/2005 4:21:39 pm
...thanks alot...
fatribz6/4/2005 8:13:15 pm
ya, thank you for making so many great pieces too.
i LoVe ur car at night in tall dead grass and moon
yanbu6/5/2005 3:22:59 am
me too - that one is top 10 drawrings for sure.
tthunderdan6/5/2005 3:52:08 am
...for some reason I really like the recent one (6612), the blonde on the bed...but you know what I really miss?...really, really miss?...
yanbu6/5/2005 4:52:36 am
fried chicken? green bean casserole?
tim6/5/2005 6:30:08 am
I'd never had green bean casserole until last year thanksgiving. I didn't realize how common it was for some.
bill6/5/2005 9:41:23 am
t-man i love stuff
my fave was the one about your wife saying you can't make any money online so you showed her how easy it was