Untitled - by tthunderdan
- by tthunderdan - 6/6/2005 - 1:44:31 pm
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tthunderdan6/6/2005 1:44:41 pm
The angry flagman6/6/2005 2:15:22 pm
That looks like it would itch if it took a chunk out of the side of someones head.
ad6/6/2005 2:16:10 pm
AHHHH DUDE! I just woke up from an evening nap nightmare where a spider like this was eating my hand....
tthunderdan6/6/2005 2:17:18 pm
,,,that spider on a hook wigglin' around oughta' catch a fish...
The angry flagman6/6/2005 2:19:46 pm
Dude, i think that thing would eat the kayak before i got it on the hook.