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yanbu6/8/2005 1:57:05 pm
just getting back from gallery - here's a quick set of pics before i had to get outta there - http://www.10eastern.com/daac.html

by the way THANK YOU SHUNT for the video! i didn't expect to see that when i got home! super nice, and nice of you. i love the string of drawrins today (especially the ad explosion, holy shit) and yes that is the shadow of a turtle flying above drawring city condos (rent is free)

i will post more pics of the drawrings soon (i missed a few larger sections of one wall, and a ton of them aren't even hung yet, more to go)
pompous percival6/8/2005 3:02:18 pm
very cool stuff yanbu

i hope you make big $ at the daac

signed pompous p
yanbu6/8/2005 3:53:32 pm
i plan on taking these to chicago and minneap and elsewhere (i have a plan for making these shippable, they are mounted on ultra light foamcore so they won't cost much to send and assemble!) but it's not about the money
yanbu6/8/2005 4:00:41 pm
man, i love having a stats program - http://nightstranger.ru/index.php?date=2004-08-13 it's great to see so many pages linking to the site