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- by yanbu - 6/8/2005 - 4:23:54 pm
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yanbu6/8/2005 4:24:08 pm
andy b6/8/2005 4:28:33 pm
for the rest of my days black squares will fill me with intense feelings of both reverence and contempt. it looks really good.......
yanbu6/8/2005 4:46:18 pm
thanks andy

if you all have a moment check out this forum thread i started and let me know if you are interested - http://www.10eastern.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?p=1964#1964
yanbu6/9/2005 12:58:35 am
also MIC =- the links to your songs didn't seem to work, could you post them again?
mic6/9/2005 2:27:23 am
i fixed it, should work now