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- by borny - 6/9/2005 - 4:54:52 pm
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Borny.6/9/2005 4:58:17 pm
In memory of my soon to be dead friend. May he be an example of why you don't fly to other cities for ass from strangers you meet on the net. ::sigh:: Dork.
tthunderdan6/9/2005 11:07:40 pm
what did he do????
Borny.6/10/2005 6:51:56 am
He's flying to a notorious city to get some tang from some woman he met in some chat room. Me and my friends theorize that it is a plot to mug and kill him. Hopefully not, but it's still stupid to go so far and spend so much to get a piece.
Chrisy_Poo6/10/2005 10:56:30 am
had only rosa gotten 2 him in time, he would have changed his mind....oh well if he makes it back alive i'll drink a whole bottle of vodka ,for the first time, in celebration of him becoming a man (in the terms of being able 2 survive being stabbed). P.S. BTW Anthony, if u do survive, i hope it was worth putting ur life on the line for.