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- by Shunt - 6/10/2005 - 6:06:31 am
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Shunt6/10/2005 6:06:46 am
Dunno what this is
N-Jin6/10/2005 6:15:50 am
i think i saw this when i was lying drunk on the floor few weeks ago after my head met concrete. ;o)
twentythreek6/10/2005 6:22:51 am
fuck! i just remembered how after i guzzled a whole bottle of vodka mixed with some orange juice i wanted to sit down but somehow wasnt able to and hit the concrete floor with the back of my head instead. i didnt even notice it then, but when i woke up the next day i had to throw up like 8 times...i called my friends, and they told me that theyre surprised im even alive. argh i get flashback pains just rememberin that. thanks, njin...
N-Jin6/10/2005 6:26:05 am
which brings me to another idea...i must get some bacardi for a delicious drink mixed with cola. simple but the best!