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- by yanbu - 6/10/2005 - 3:19:51 pm
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yanbu6/10/2005 3:22:21 pm
what a setback - i just got back from the emergency room - five staples in hy head! i was working at the gallery hanging stuff and cleaning up, and bent down to pick up something then stood up real quick and rammed my head into a nail that was sticking out the side of a table. it was bleeding for some time, i kept working thinking i would be fine then 45 mins later a friend came in and looked at it saying "oooooh shit!" so yeah. now i've really shed some blood with this project too! ugh
Al6/10/2005 3:34:25 pm
Sorry Yanbu, I hope your head gets better soon.
pompous percival6/10/2005 4:51:41 pm
holy shit
ad6/10/2005 5:18:35 pm
you're a good man
yanbu6/10/2005 5:30:41 pm
thanks, i still haven't seen what it looks like! i will get someone to take a pic of it, i've never had staples in my head. i've had tons and tons of stitches in my lifetime though
andy b6/10/2005 6:04:02 pm
man, you're really lettin loose with the bodily fluid on this project. that totally sucks, feel better......
tim6/10/2005 9:13:42 pm
my buddy had this strange brain tumor growing, the doc still doesn't know what it is, but his scar looks so odd. Anyways man best of luck to ya.
Gerold Blankface6/11/2005 5:08:05 am
omg... ouch...
been scalped eh?!!
yanbu6/11/2005 5:18:21 am
yeah, here's a cell phone camera pic of the staples http://www.10eastern.com/gallery/school/37291520_119349467_0

tthunderdan6/11/2005 6:04:33 am
...you really ought to be more careful...ouch-O
Al6/11/2005 6:36:07 am
Holy shit that has to hurt!
..--- ...-- -.- .. -.. -.. ---6/11/2005 6:50:13 am
ouch. nice photo! looks you really put blood sweat and tears into the gallery. :)