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- by yanbu - 6/14/2005 - 3:55:01 pm
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yanbu6/14/2005 3:55:26 pm
i saw this tonight
mrae6/14/2005 4:15:06 pm
wow, beautiful
mrae6/14/2005 4:28:56 pm
knotted twisted limbs
embrace the starry night sky
gently rests the moon
Al6/14/2005 5:13:29 pm
This is really cool!!!
bill6/14/2005 11:46:49 pm
ahhh poor tree. that thing has to be dead as hell.
yanbu6/15/2005 12:51:03 am
yeah it is, it's giant and in the neighbors yard leaning towards the house!
fix6/15/2005 2:41:35 am
i got a question for so long!
i always forgot toask:
is 10 eastern your real address?
does your house look like the 10e icon in the upper left and right???
yanbu6/15/2005 8:51:33 am
yes, except i no longer live there (but i still visit)