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- by borny - 6/15/2005 - 3:07:02 pm
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Borny.6/15/2005 3:07:59 pm
This is the cheesy picture of my sister that sits above the computer. Obviously I had no good ideas.
mez6/15/2005 4:16:10 pm
three and three quarter stars!
.....6/16/2005 3:18:32 am
i dont get it... mez=borny's sister?
mez6/16/2005 8:57:09 am
No, she is my awesome friend. My right hand man, if you will.
.....6/16/2005 9:05:44 am
im still confused as to who's who, but thats just me bein a retard i guess.
borny.6/16/2005 2:34:23 pm
I am mez's friend. I've been her friend since High School. She showed me this site back when the band game board was up. Mez and I may leave little inside comments on each others drawings. Just ignore or oddness. Hope that unconfuses some.
.....6/16/2005 11:02:47 pm
uh yeah thanks. and oddness is good.
i always thought you was a boy tho :/ sorry
Borny.6/17/2005 11:28:08 am
In many ways I am a boy. Albeit a homosexual boy with boobies and no penis.