Untitled - by yanbu
- by yanbu - 6/19/2005 - 3:28:49 am
v1- by yanbu - 6/19/2005 3:28:49 am
yanbu6/19/2005 3:30:16 am

a short clip from the show the other night at the DAAC - starts with people drawings-gazing, then lsdudes, chromelodeon, more drawings and captured by robots. thanks geoff for assembling the video!
Shunt6/19/2005 4:26:45 am
will there be more pics and stuff too? Video was very impressive btw!
yanbu6/19/2005 4:48:17 am
yes this weekend at some point - i'm setting up some things for an outdoor bazaar and getting ready for another gallery opening tonight, more to follow!
yanbu6/19/2005 6:12:30 am
btw - sorry i've been quite behind with updates!
filth6/19/2005 7:00:09 am
what?...that band look crazy as.