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Sarah6/25/2005 10:29:32 am
Damn I work with some bitches! And I got 20lbs on that chick they are talking about! If I have to hear about those chicks discuss someone's else's weight for even a second more...I may need a new job! Who cares how much other people weigh?? The other day one of them admitted to me she hates chubby kids. Damn, anorexia has made them suck.
N-Jin6/25/2005 11:07:03 am
yes, something like that is an international problem...unfortunately. i once was mobbed away too in one office. so i only thought "fuck you, bitches. i am better than you!" toughts like that help very much and are a good motivation indeed.
The angry flagman6/26/2005 2:14:06 am
I was the skinny kid in school. I got blasted for being THIN. There is no proper size or weight to shut people up. People will always pick something they see as a flaw and pick at it. If they cant find a flaw they will make one. Too fat, too thin, too smart, too beautiful, too ugly, Oh and this one is the BEST....TOO NICE.... Yea umm I like cant date you YOUR TOO NICE.... that one always gets me. People suck!
mrae6/26/2005 5:11:35 am
Its hard to remember that people's nasty, snide remarks are generally more revealing about their own inner nature than anything they are commenting on...my favorite response to this kind of behavior is to tell them that their opinion is really none of my business.
The angry flagman6/26/2005 9:33:12 am
You know mrae, I never thought of telling people that. What happens is Im having a good day until some kill joy goes out of their way to say something rude. Then Im pissed off and the traffic pays for it.
mrae6/26/2005 10:03:45 am
I think of it as "emotional disease" and try to keep myself from getting infected and spreading it around. My wise old grandma used to say: Opinions are like buttholes, everybody's got one and the only thing that comes out of 'em is a bunch of shit :)
Al6/26/2005 2:14:20 pm
Looks seem to get people farther than brains in this day and age. I have neither.
mrae6/27/2005 7:40:12 am
looks fade, fortunes are gained and lost. passion and talent, which you seem to have in abundance Al, is what really makes it all worthwhile :)