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- by newbie - 6/28/2005 - 2:33:18 am
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newbieandalwayswillbe6/28/2005 2:34:40 am
wish i wud be able to go some where like that
yanbu6/28/2005 2:40:42 am
i don't think there are computers there, you probably wouldn't last long
Al6/28/2005 2:43:50 am
Please go to that island. Stay on it for about 50 years. Thanks.
yanbu6/28/2005 2:50:06 am
the two of you (newbie and gorillazchick) have drawn more than fifty in the last two days and half of them are gorillaz fan art! i'd really like to see the gorillaz (2d and all of them etc) drawings stop, please. asking nicely i am, thanks
tim6/28/2005 3:00:52 am
thanks yoda.
N-Jin6/28/2005 3:00:55 am
this really is a kinda lardman-syndrome. but now we have two annoying people....not only one which was terrible enough.
newbieandalwayswillbe6/28/2005 3:10:31 am
it isnt gorillaz
kix6/28/2005 3:14:03 am
if both of you didnt realize:
on this page yanbu IS yoda...
Al6/28/2005 3:17:37 am
I wanna be Anakin Skywalker.
gorillaz_chick6/28/2005 3:24:02 am
im not annoying when u get to know me!!!
just try to get to know us! anyway we have drawn any gorillaz for ages now!
kix6/28/2005 3:24:54 am
ok! my tummy is full with food so i wanna be jabba .lol