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- by Al - 6/28/2005 - 4:00:12 am
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Al6/28/2005 4:01:25 am
Anyone remember the gong show?? I feel like gonging a few.
newbieandalwayswillbe6/28/2005 4:10:41 am
thats cool. and im just trying to be nice so dont be mean to me
Ringo6/28/2005 4:23:09 am
Good gong work. It looks quite realistic.
sheep6/28/2005 4:26:09 am
Yea, the gong show was weird, yet amusing. There's at least one person I'd like to give the gong to. There's another drawer that has a lot of talent but just needs to chill a little.
bboy6/28/2005 9:40:12 pm
not me! im cooler than a skinnydippin eskimos butt
Gerold Blankface6/29/2005 2:23:39 am
I used to love that show.. Did you know that the host (chuck Berry) claims to have been a cia agent undercover?
tim6/29/2005 4:35:52 pm
check out the film "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" its pretty good. Sam Rockwell does a great chuck berry