Untitled - by Lil Fuk
- by Lil Fuk - 6/28/2005 - 8:07:56 am
v1- by Lil Fuk - 6/28/2005 8:07:56 am
Lil' Fuck6/28/2005 8:09:04 am
Start: 9:47
Finish: 11:12
Margaritas: 3
Anubix6/28/2005 8:16:43 am
let me be the first to say, fucking awesome
Al6/28/2005 8:16:58 am
I sense a little sarcasm here. Great drawing!!!
poopmustache6/28/2005 8:33:06 am
i like it.
andy b6/28/2005 8:45:33 am
so when is the 10eastern Gorillaz gallery show?
alextemple6/28/2005 8:51:09 am
ha, classic
newbieandalwayswillbe6/28/2005 10:32:40 am
wutever im not even gonna say anything
N-Jin6/28/2005 2:40:32 pm
i like admiral akbar. he looks cool.
da kiddo (on a philosophical tip)6/28/2005 6:01:16 pm
which reminds me...
was george lucas heavily inspired by biblical terms and persons for star wars?

..."admiral akbar" is most definitely taken from the arabic term "allahu akbar" (which means of course "god is great")

...and yeasterday i was wondering if the word "jedi" is actually derived from one of the biblical names of god ("el shadai", meaning the will of god and his ability to set limits.) any thoughts?

p.s. no im not stoned ...(yet) hehe
Gerold Blankface6/28/2005 6:36:54 pm
Hhahahaa !!
this is great !
fatribz6/28/2005 6:51:48 pm
ausum!!! AkBar is teh bomb!@
gorillaz_chick6/28/2005 8:58:01 pm
very good! and funny too!
alextemple6/28/2005 9:04:44 pm
who is that on the right, he looks a little familiar???
gorillaz_chick6/28/2005 10:09:09 pm
if i mentin his name the guys might tell me off!
mrae6/28/2005 10:40:52 pm
da kiddo: i don't know about biblical inspiration but i know george lucas frequently consulted Joseph Campbell about the hero archetype and the hero's journey....anyway, just a little tidbit fyi...
mrae6/28/2005 10:41:17 pm
p.s. i love the drawing!
kiddo6/28/2005 11:02:17 pm
i just looked this campbell dude up on wikipedia and it said he studied cg jung's ideas concerning archetypes. interesting. ok well enough of that esoteric bs ;)