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- by Al - 7/1/2005 - 4:18:09 am
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Al7/1/2005 4:20:23 am
Hey Tim and whoever. I used to make some music under the name 'Devils Tower'
Also, Yanbu is in a few bands too (c3, cat time, lsdudes. Check out the Bands section.
ad7/1/2005 9:42:45 am
whaaaat,, you're devil's tower?
elK7/1/2005 11:23:23 am
you and mr yanbu are related????? coool ^_^
Al7/1/2005 4:52:19 pm
Hahah, yeah we are. But he doesnt give me special treatment on this board.
tim7/1/2005 10:47:56 pm
ahh sweet dude, I dig it. I didn't know you 2 were related, bitchin.