Untitled - by tim
- by tim - 7/2/2005 - 8:45:13 am
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tim7/2/2005 8:45:35 am
cool lookin books you got yanbu
Al7/2/2005 9:16:29 am
Holy Shit! I just put on 3-D glasses and this 3 headed creature jumped out at me.
Pink MONKEY7/2/2005 9:30:44 am
Yeah, When will those books be for sale?
yanbu7/2/2005 11:58:34 pm
as soon as i get back from detroit, sometime tues night i'll make a link/page for the books/stickers
Gerold Blankface7/4/2005 8:42:54 pm
love this drawring... cool creatures you come up with !