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- by elK - 7/3/2005 - 5:26:26 pm
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elK7/3/2005 5:26:50 pm
look mrtick!!! ^_^
Al7/3/2005 5:55:26 pm
good morning elK.
elK7/3/2005 6:35:31 pm
well, good morning mr Al. ^_^
Al7/3/2005 7:45:53 pm
What are you doing today?
Pink MONKEY7/3/2005 9:29:15 pm
Katamari Damacy
elK7/3/2005 11:15:59 pm
i'm not going to do anything today, Al. i dunno, i might go buy some candy later. i sat yesterday on the roof of the house and watched the Dodger Stadiums annual fireworks display (???.) it was okay... ^_^

pink MONKEY, you are correct!!!
pompous percival7/4/2005 3:48:23 am
looks like elk is addicted too

oct 2005 katamari 2
fatribz7/4/2005 4:39:50 am
yesssssss i cant wait for the second,, the soundtrack... oh boyyy
mrtick7/4/2005 8:45:59 pm
yaaay the king reminds me of you soo much haha when he says "how disturbing."