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- by Al - 7/5/2005 - 6:28:43 pm
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Al7/5/2005 6:30:20 pm
Finally, I got to drive a Tractor!
tim7/5/2005 8:07:47 pm
haha, your instructor is awesome. I hope he looks like that in real life.
The angry flagman7/5/2005 11:58:19 pm
Is that a Rockwell tranny in that thing?
Al7/6/2005 12:29:53 am
It might be. I will ask the guys tonight.
tthunderdan7/6/2005 12:57:46 am
Hammer down Al, Hammer down! and when backing into those 'impossible' spots, check your good eye, your bad eye might be a twitchin'...good luck! I backed into an 'impossible' spot in Philly Monday morn and bent (ever so slightly, hardly noticeable) the cab extention thingy (wing I call it) on the back of the bunk...being the 'suckass' I am I reported it...bossman says "don't worry about it"...back in daycab tonite...
The angry flagman7/6/2005 4:08:53 am
I wrecked the city garbage truck 2 years ago. They never told me that the PTO had to be on for the air break to work. The damm thing rolled away from me and crashed into the stadium electric house. I still catch shit for it.